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"Credit for our success must be given first and foremost to our staff. Whether as an account manager, researcher, debt collection expert, economic researcher or software developer – day in, day out, a total of 4,200 employees enjoy dealing with our customers and their needs."

Volker Ulbricht,
Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V.

Creditreform “Inc.”

The Creditreform Group supplies the group companies a portfolio of proven and innovative services for selectively identifying and controlling risk.
The spectrum ranges from credit-checked selection of, and communication with, new customers, and corporate and consumer solvency information, to fully integrated system platforms for company-internal risk management and sophisticated receivables management tools.

Each individual service plays its role in avoiding bad debts – or at least minimizing their impact – at the appropriate point in the customer-relationship chain. Creditreform’s holistic creditor protection portfolio is a decisive contribution towards securing liquidity.

The unparalleled know-how we’ve acquired over our company’s 130-year history is enjoyed by our customers throughout Germany and worldwide. Your personal account managers are experts in your respective economic area and can be reached directly onsite.

  • Find out more about our services

    In our core services “business intelligence” and “receivables management”, customers benefit from our understanding of their regional economic structures in the form of a strategic knowledge advantage. At the same time, this is also a prerequisite for the ongoing development of new, needs-optimized service offerings along our customers’ business process chains. The same holds true for our “Marketing Services” and “Systems & Consulting” business lines. more...

  • Our members

    Around 165,000 Creditreform members in Germany and Europe put their trust in our services. They include industrial groups and craft businesses, banks and insurance companies, as well as startups. Find out more about the benefits and advantages of a Creditreform membership. more...

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