The Creditreform Group

The Creditreform competence network consists of central expert units and decentralized companies – a structure optimally positioning us to offer high-quality, innovative services which are implemented in the customer’s proximity with personal and individual onsite support.

  • Creditreform AG

    Creditreform AG

    Creditreform AG was formed 2002 and serves as a holding company for the following organizations:

    The service portfolios of Creditreform AG’s associated companies supplement Creditreform’s traditional core business lines of business intelligence and debt collection. This symbiotic relationship supports a comprehensive, fully integrated service package – offering everything from customer acquisition to receipt of payment – that’s fully aligned with the customer’s process chain.

    Creditreform AG

    Hellersbergstr. 12
    D-41460 Neuss
    Tel: +49 2131-109-102

  • beDirect

    The expert for efficient B2B marketing

    Gütersloh-based beDirect was formed 2001 as a joint venture between Bertelsmann group’s outsourcing expert arvato, and Creditreform, Germany’s #1 commercial information agency. Over the past years, beDirect has grown to become the B2B sector’s preeminent solutions partner. 100 staff at five locations in Germany offer customers in the telecommunication, retail, financial-service, public-administration and other industries addresses, data and bespoke solutions for founding new customer relationships and managing existing ones. With mature products and tailor tailor-made solutions in the areas of data quality, sales solutions, cleanup systems and address services, beDirect offers its customers a full-service package containing especially services such as:

    • Solvency-checked, German company addresses
    • B2B addresses from abroad
    • Purging of negative and blocked data from mailing files
    • Efficient management of existing customers
    • Integrated data maintenance
    • Mobile sales solutions.


    beDirect GmbH & Co. KG
    Hellersbergstraße 11
    D-41460 Neuss
    Tel: +49 21 31 109-790
    Fax: +49 21 31 109-797


  • Boniversum

    Company Profile

    So much is certain.

    As a an experienced credit reference agency Creditreform Boniversum GmbH provides information about the solvency of private individuals. The company was formed in Neuss, in 1997 as a Creditreform AG group company.

    Boniversum’s solutions enable companies to minimise bad depts and successfully develop new lines of business on a secure basis. The core of its business is secure data handling and meaningful interpretation of this data. 

    The solvency information comes from an extensive, industry-overarching data pool containing public records from local courts, geodata, as well as exclusive debt-collection information from Creditreform. The result is a reliable data pool for deriving statements and forecasts about consumers’ solvency. Other services offered by Boniversum include address validation, identifications, score cards, fraud prevention and existing-customer monitoring.

    Moreover Boniversum offers a useful consumer information service where any consumer can request his own personal report cost-free once a year, and obtain further background on solvency reports and data protection.


    Creditreform Boniversum GmbH
    Hellersbergstraße 11
    D-41460 Neuss

    Tel: +49 21 31 109-501
    Fax: +49 21 31 109-557

  • Creditreform Compliance Services

    Preventive | Secure | Value-enhancing

    Creditreform Compliance Services GmbH stands for needs-optimized consulting and made-to-measure solutions for the financial services industry.

    Its service range is specifically tuned to the unique demands of the leasing and factoring industries and of SMEs, and focuses on the special challenges posed by financial service supervision.

    In consulting financial service companies, our expertise focuses on implementing topical and mainly supervisory tasks in the areas of compliance, money-laundering and fraud prevention, and on risk management (“MaRisk”).

    Creditreform Compliance Services GmbH
    Hellersbergstr. 14
    D-41460 Neuss

    Tel: +49 21 31 109-1089
    Fax: +49 21 31 109-81089

  • CPM Creditreform Portfolio Management

    Flexibility through factoring

    In the distressed credit market, CPM Creditreform Portfolio Management GmbH (“CPM”) acts as a competent partner for selling such assets.

    CPM’s service spectrum covers the purchasing of receivables packages which have been judicially recognized, as well as ones that have not, and buying up these receivables on a one-time or revolving basis.

    CPM evaluates and buys small scale portfolios of distressed receivables and credits. In doing so, it offers its services not only to banks, but to all companies with large numbers of consumer receivables – such as regional energy utilities, telecommunication providers and mail order companies. The nominal value of a purchasable portfolio is usually of the magnitude of EUR 200 million for at least 100 individual receivables.

    CPM Creditreform Portfolio Management GmbH
    Hellersbergstr. 11
    D-41460 Neuss

    Tel.: +49 21 31 109-3701
    Fax: +49 21 31 109-8 23 67

  • Creditreform Rating AG

    Objective. Transparent. Independent.

    Creditreform Rating AG is a subsidiary of the globally active Creditreform Group and is one of Europe’s leading rating agencies.

    The specialist for assessing credit risk offers investors and credit lenders services in the form of ratings and risk management solutions. Companies use Creditreform Rating AG’s ratings to secure investors’ and business partners’ trust worldwide, utilize its outsourcing solutions for their credit processes, and rely on the rating agency’s risk analyses. Investors, banks and companies trust the analyses and results of Creditreform Rating AG’s risk management tools.

    Creditreform Rating AG
    Hellersbergstraße 11
    41460 Neuss

    Tel: +49 21 31 109-626
    Fax: +49 21 31 109-627

  • microm Micromarketing-Systeme und Consult GmbH

    The target group specialist

    Creditreform AG group company, microm, is one of the top suppliers of consumer marketing in the German-speaking region. Its business centers on innovative offline and online target-group marketing, as well as location and market analyses.

    By giving its clients insight into their own customers’ and prospective customers’ wishes, it positions them to offer their end-customers exactly what they’re looking for.

    microm has a wide range of micro-geographic, socio-demographic, socio-economic and psychographic attributes at its disposal. Exotic, market-established target group models such as microm Geo Mileus and micron Limbic Types are available side-by-side with plain-vanilla statistics such as purchasing power, age, family structure, consumer interests etc. Alternatively, the target group can be defined from market media studies (VerbraucherAnalyse, Typologie der Wünsche) and then fine tuned for the target group concerned.

    True multi-channel campaigns can be implemented with microm, with different media channels (regular mail, e-mail, dailies, out of home, online display advertising, Google Adwords) enriched with target group intelligence being selected for this.

    Summary of microm services:

      • Target-group and geo-marketing
      • Customer-structure and market analyses 
      • Location and branch-office planning
      • Online solutions
      • Online geo-information systems.

      microm Micromarketing-Systeme und Consult GmbH

      Hellersbergstr. 11
      41460 Neuss

      Tel: +49 21 31 109-701
      Fax: +49 21 31 109-777

    Other Creditreform group companies

    • accredis
      accredis Inkasso- und Kreditabwicklungs-GmbH

      The specialist for bulk debt collection

      accredis is the central collections subsidiary of the Creditreform group. As a supra-regional service company its services support the local Creditreform companies in processing large-scale and individual portfolios through the multi-location implementation of complex customer requirements which cannot be fulfilled via Creditreform's decentralised structure with 129 locations in Germany. Its customers include e-commerce suppliers and companies in the telecommunications sector as well as energy suppliers and prestigious companies in the banking sector.

      Based on a powerful IT platform, accredis supports the entire debtor and receivables management process of its customers without media breaks, ranging from invoicing, commercial dunning procedures including customer service, collection procedures, judicial dunning procedures to long-term monitoring of defined claims.

      Special requirements, such as account holder surveys, call center services or the digitization of paper-bound receipts such as invoices, execution penalties or even unopened postal returns, ensure that accredis is implemented promptly and with the utmost precision. accredis is a member of the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies (BDIU) and the German Call Center Association (CCV). The "TÜV-tested collection" certificate, which was awarded by TÜV-Saarland, also guarantees the highest quality and reliability.

      accredis Inkasso GmbH & Co. KG
      Robert-Bosch-Straße 2a
      D-50354 Hürth

      Tel: +49 22 33 966 83-0
      Fax: +49 22 33 966 83-9

    • Crefo Factoring companies

      Crefo Factoring: More liquidity – more certainty – more service

      The 15-company Crefo Factoring Group specializes in freeing up liquidity for SMEs. By selling their receivables to the Crefo Factoring companies, enterprises secure immediate liquidity for greater financing flexibility and more certainty for their growth plans. They can also optionally hand over the burdens of debtor management, dunning and debt collection, leaving them to pay more attention to their core business.

      The Crefo Factoring Group is the only decentrally-organized market player offering a personal and professional full service from 15 locations nationwide – a unique structure making it familiar with each region’s specific needs and particularities.

      The Crefo Factoring Group and its 15 independent group companies are integrated into the Creditreform Group and are members of German factoring association, Deutscher Factoring-Verband e.V.

    • ECOFIS GmbH

      Professional, fault tolerant, single-stop IT solutions

      ECOFIS stands for a high-quality service portfolio in the fields of network management, IT security, hosting and web technology. Its mission is to design and implement bespoke solutions for optimizing technical and commercial business processes with its clients.

      Competent, customized, single-source solutions – along a company’ entire value-added chain.

      ECOFIS GmbH - Head Office
      Hellersbergstraße 12
      D-41460 Neuss

      Tel: +49 21 31 109-422
      Fax: +49 21 31 109-444

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