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Use our analyses for a summary of your company’s status quo. Their many benefits include exact identification of individual, higher-risk commitments or risk distributions within entire customer portfolios, and the ability to place ballpark figures on your expected total losses.

Product overview “Analyses”:

Taking active precautions against financial losses requires a realistic picture of your current risk exposure beforehand.

  • Balance sheet analyses
    Balance sheet analyses

    Especially capital lenders will want to know whether a company is able to service its future payment obligations fully and on time. The Balance Sheet Premium Analysis is an optional instrument in preparing negotiations with investors.

  • Business Partner Analysis
    Business Partner Analysis

    The Creditreform Business Partner Analysis gives companies a fast, efficient and cost-effective means of assessing all corporate customers and suppliers, presenting the solvency risk in your customer and supplier bases in an easy-to-read format. The portfolio profile can be used to analyze a private customer portfolio, and enables e.g. banks to specifically evaluate their private customers’ solvency and payment histories. The findings of these analyses can then be fed directly into downstream credit-decision processes.

  • Market analyses
    Market analyses

    With a Creditreform Industry Analysis, you can determine your own positioning within the target industry. It helps you recognize industry structures for planned market debuts / penetrations, and determine the risks and opportunities of your company’s strategic alignment. Analyses are available for over 1,400 industries. The industry break-down is based on the German Federal Statistics Office’s business activity codes.

Balance sheet compact analysis

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