Consumer Credit Check (B2C)

Sound B2C credit decisions based on the latest solvency information

You’d like to grant a private consumer credit? Or offer your customers purchase on account? To avoid bad debts, you’d be wise to check their creditworthiness beforehand!

Product overview “Consumer Credit Check”:

Any company in the business of granting financial or consumer credit to private individuals may call up the Boniversum GmbH B2C data pool. The company must, however, have a legitimate interest in accessing that data under Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Quick and convenient: The Consumer Private Personal Report is available in five different product variants: Consumer Compact, Consumer Plus and Consumer Premium, as well as Consumer Check and Compulsory Execution Compact. The Compulsory Execution Compact report is a variant of Consumer Compact for use by public authorities.

  • Consumer Compact & Compulsory Execution Compact
    Consumer Compact & Compulsory Execution Compact

    Creditreform members who access this essential end-consumer solvency data do not need to deliver their own payment experiences to the Boniversum data pool. The Compulsory Execution Compact variant is aimed at the public administration sector.

  • Consumer Plus
    Consumer Plus

    This variant contains all the detailed information of the Consumer Compact variant, plus negative payment experiences relating to private individuals from the Boniversum data pool. Members who use these data deliver their own negative experiences to the Boniversum pool in return.

  • Consumer Check
    Consumer Check

    The Consumer Check report is a compact information variant. It contains the risk class from the Consumer Plus report plus a verification of the provided address. Creditreform members requesting Consumer Check must also submit their own negative payment-experience data to the data pool.

  • Consumer Premium
    Consumer Premium
    Consumer Premium

    Consumer Premium contains the data in the Consumer Plus variant, plus positive payment experiences from the Boniversum data pool. Creditreform members requesting Consumer Premium must also submit their own positive experiences to the data pool, and require the data subjects’ written consent to do so.


    • Access to a data pool containing ca. 100 million records of personal data
    • For every credit decision, the optimal product variant, each with its own tiered contents (Consumer Compact, Consumer Plus, Consumer Check and Consumer Premium).

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