German Debtors’ Register – Debitorenregister Deutschland (DRD)

External payment experiences for your solvency checks

Subscribers to the German Debtors’ Register (Debitorenregister Deutschland, DRD) can exchange payment experiences at no cost. The assessments provide valuable additional information for professional solvency checks.

Curious about how your customer pays other suppliers?

Based on the aliased payment experiences of leading companies across all industries, the DRD dataset enables comprehensive assessments of B2B customers’ payment histories, making it an indispensable instrument for preparing detailed solvency checks.

Based on the reciprocity principle, each Creditreform member with a larger debtor base can profit from the cost-free exchange of external payment experiences.

Why subscribe?

Your debtor management’s running like clockwork, but do you also know how reliably your customers pay other suppliers? The Debitorenregister Deutschland closes this knowledge gap with up-to-date, external payment experiences.

The Debitorenregister Deutschland also lets you identify whether you’re an A, B or C supplier. Only with this knowledge can you glean accurate and up-to-date insight into your receivables, and reliably monitor the liquidity of your existing customer portfolio.

The four basic functions of the Debtors’ Register:

Rating / scoring optimization
  • Debtors’ external payment histories
  • Refinement of the information base
  • Options for receivables management.
Improving data quality
  • Automatic debtor identification
  • Addition of Crefo ID
  • Identification of duplicates
Early risk warning
  • Early warning of negative developments
  • Insolvency forecast
  • Risk analysis of debtors’ portfolio
Enable comparisons
  • Customer’s payment history at other suppliers
  • Comparison of payment conditions
  • Assessment of your own position as a business partner

The Debtors’ Register is optimal for selectively improving your customer-assessment data basis – at no additional cost.

Your benefits:

  • Reliable early-warning system
  • Assessment of your customers’ liquidity
  • Better assessment of your receivables portfolio
  • Complements your risk management
  • Recognition of your worth as a supplier
  • Maximum data protection and security standards
  • Cost-free usage!
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