Custom made solutions for cross border business

Safeguarding your international transactions

Benefit from the opportunities offered by international trade, and customize your risk management with Creditreform’s next-generation International Reports.

  • Online retrieval of well over 30 million commercial reports and credit assessments for companies across Europe
  • Possibly of commissioned research, commercial information and credit assessments for any commercially active business worldwide
  • Highly efficient, worldwide information-procurement network
  • Information research, commercial information and credit assessments in the country and directly onsite.
  • Early risk identification through the monitoring of key business partners
  • Maximum transparency and comparability:
    The commercial information international is uniform, structured and needs-based
  • Modularly organized commercial information reflecting the transaction’s risk level helps optimize customers’ costs
  • Multilingual reports (English, German, French)
  • Straightforward IT and process integration

Company Credit Check


Company Information

Commercial Report International


Monitoring International
Company Report Compact International

Reliable business without frontiers

Detailed solvency information providing certainty for medium to large transactions, supplier relationships and strategic partnerships.

Early risk identification through monitoring

Permanent monitoring of key business partners through near-time information on relevant changes.

Certainty through identification

Unambiguous identification of international customers and suppliers.

Compact Report International
Signal Universal International

A sound basis for your overseas business

Condensed information for sound credit decisions for small to medium-sized transactions or for continuous obligations.

Certainty through notification of changes

Notification of significant changes in your international business partners’ circumstances.

Brief Report International

Unadorned credit check for your overseas business

Aggregated solvency information for the fast, efficient assessment of low-volume transactions.

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