Customer portfolio penetration

Identifying opportunities in your customer portfolio

For most established companies, the greatest potential for increasing turnover and income lies dormant in their existing customer base. Activating this latent demand requires business intelligence on the customers’ structures and the characteristics.

Although long-term, successful business relationships put the customers on center stage, do you really know what characterizes your most-attractive clients, and the pent-up potential within your existing customer base?

With our Customer Structure & Profile Analyses, we identify for you the specific needs and characteristics of your customers and market segments, and show you the market players best fitting your most valuable customers’ profiles. Long-term optimization of your customer care and perceptible improvements in sales are possible with this information: exploit this unique intelligence to activate dormant potential in your sales regions to your own benefit.

How can I acquire new customers more efficiently?

A Customer Structure Analysis characterizes your existing customers based on a range of attributes such as: above-average buying power, high affinity for home loan and saving, or allocation to a certain Sinus Milieu®. The results allow independent analyses of individual customer segments and their mutual comparison, e.g. A, B and C customers, groups characterized by specific turnover volumes, product purchases, advertising channels or regions.

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