Data quality

Data quality management as a key to success

The quality of your master address data is fundamental to holistic customer management. Untapped turnover potential can be activated by identifying market opportunities and personalizing your customer communications accordingly, but only if you’ve up-to-date data at your disposal.

Although data are in a permanent flux of change, keeping them up-to-date won’t need to give you a headache. Creditreform’s professional systems will update, clean out and enrich your customer data with valuable additional information, once only, or on a regular basis, thereby ensuring you always have correct data to build on. Selective, optimized communication based on accurate and current data will help boost customer loyalty and realize cross- and up-selling opportunities.

Creditreform’s system-integratable solutions and full-fledged projects offer unsurpassed quality standards founded on professionally researched data. Place your trust in the #1 database on German enterprises and a direct link to the Creditreform Group’s restricted lists and datasets.

The quick data audit

How good are your addresses? Where do they need correction? How can you boost your database’s potential?

A Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis of your entire customer data helps you identify your specific database support needs.
You’ll discover whether your data are current, receive breakdowns by region and legal form, and identify duplicates and the number of necessary corrections. Creditreform will determine the number of undeliverable addresses that are worthless for mailings.

Complete and correct address datasets are a must for marketing and sales – anything else and you’re throwing money out the window!

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