Target group analysis

High-value customer relationships from Day 1

Addressing the right customer segments with precisely targeted marketing plans is key to your business success.

The key to successful marketing is orienting it towards the right target groups. Your target-market segmentation can be facilitated by enriching your data with business activity codes, business sizes and other relevant characteristic data from Creditreform. Once the most valuable opportunities have been identified, we’ll then jointly define your target groups as the starting point for your strategy and action planning.

In the B2C space, our geographic analyses enable micro-geographical marketing segmentation based on psychographic factors such as values, preferences and life styles – essential information for defining your various target group types and successfully shaping your marketing strategy.

For those in the B2B market, our sound commercial information helps your correctly set your target group focus and identify the right contacts. Our extensive data pool also lets you identify companies in Germany and 43 other European countries based on structural attributes such as business activity, industry, company size to name but a few.

Product Overview "Target group analysis"

DAFNE - DAFNE ist eine Datenbank mit detaillierten Finanzinformationen zu über 1,2 Mio. deutschen Unternehmen.

Detailed financial information

DAFNE gives you current and historic financial account information for over 1.2 million disclosing German businesses. The combination of extensive financial account details and Creditreform’s high quality commercial intelligence using Bureau van Dijk’s (BvD’s) user-friendly software assures the win-win situation of easy handling and professional usage.

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