Improving your equity ratio through factoring

The financing- and operating flexibility gained through factoring opens up many opportunities, such as growth financing, exploiting payment discounts, and granting longer grace periods to your own customers.


With Crefo Factoring, Creditreform becomes the risk manager, conducts the solvency check and continually monitors your customers’ creditworthiness in the framework of our solvency monitoring service. Our factoring also relieves your day-to-day workload and gives your company more room for maneuver in its core business. Another positive effect of factoring and the sale of your receivables portfolio is the significant drop in your balance sheet total.

Assuming your equity capital remains unchanged, factoring will also increase your equity ratio – the KPI so vital for your company’s rating.

    • Immediate payout of 80 – 90% of the bought receivable (payout of remainder upon settlement by the customer)
    • 100% assumption of the nonpayment risk by Creditreform
    • Ongoing solvency checks and credit limit monitoring of your customers
    • Creditreform conducts summonsing and receivables collection, including debt collection if necessary.

      If you’d like professional support for factoring, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be happy to help you.

      Illustration: Process Crefo Factoring
      Illustration: Process Crefo Factoring

      Useful applications for Crefo Factoring

      • Increase in liquidity
      • Financing of investment and expansion projects
      • Protection against bad debts
      • Hedging of export transactions
      • Outsourcing and optimization of receivables management
      • Balance sheet optimization

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