Monitoring judicially acknowledged claims

Monitoring function for overseeing judgment receivables

There’s no protection: the court declares your debtor’s without distrainable assets, the ruling cannot be enforced and there’s no way to get hold of your money. Creditreform’s monitoring helps here by keeping a permanent eye on your judgment receivables.

Ask us to monitor your judicially acknowledged claims!

In Germany, judicially recognized claims remain valid for 30 years and continue to be enforceable over that period. Even for debtors who have provided an affidavit, as a debt collection agency we can use our database to flag their return to solvency. Any improvement in their financial situation and we’ll immediately arrange a new attempt to enforce your claim.

Open invoices and receivables tie up capital that’s rightly yours

Our holistic, efficient, customizable debt-collection and receivables management takes care of your creditor interests. When a debt is not settled, we’ll initiate a rigorous, automated summons run in a debt collection process with our summons service. If your customer still fails to pay despite the summons, and you instruct us to do so, we’ll instigate full-service debt collection for further pursuing your receivables. Regular resubmissions by our debt collection team flag any changes in the debtor’s personal or economic fortunes, thus letting us potentially procure immediate settlement of your receivables.

Also suitable for longstanding, hitherto unenforceable “legacy” judgments

Creditreform’s Monitoring service also oversees these judicially recognized claims; and with Creditreform assuming the full cost risk of the monitoring process, you’ve got nothing to lose: if we’re successful, we receive a small commission, if not, we leave empty-handed.

Time is money – that goes for debt collection too.

The sooner we’re handed a debt for collection, the greater our chance of success. Protracted summonsing by your own debt collection department can thus potentially hinder, rather then help, your cause. Use the professional receivables management from debt-collection expert Creditreform, therefore, and look forward to your open receivables sooner rather than later!

Benefits of monitoring judicially recognized claims by Creditreform

  • Debt collection with up to 30 year’s debtor monitoring
  • Permanent debt-collection monitoring of the debtor’s financial and material circumstances
  • o cost risk: commission only due if successful.
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