Overseas Debt Collection

Enforcing your receivables – worldwide

All debt collection assignments are conducted in the debtor’s own country. The debtor is contacted in the local language and in a suitable manner for the receivable and case at hand.

Exporters who suffer tardy customer payments are fully aware of just how much unfamiliar legislation and an inadequate grasp of the local language can hamper successful receivables management. Professional support in collecting receivables is one of the many offerings in Creditreform’s extensive service portfolio. We’ll see you receive swift payment – even if your business partner’s located overseas.

    • Proficient specialists available onsite; expertise in the specifics of cross-border business relationships
    • Focus on pre-judicial receivables collection
    • Incorporation of all available data sources for analyzing the debtor’s financial circumstances
    • Debt collection experts who resolutely pursue rigorous, locally-proven processes for swift collection of your receivables
    • Personal communication with the debtor without harming your business relationships
    • Satisfaction of debtor’s payment obligations through installment-plan arrangements and compromise agreements.

      Illustration: International debt collection network Creditreform
      Illustration: International debt collection network Creditreform

      Areas of use

      Tardy receivables from overseas customers who were granted credit for goods or furnished services payable on invoice.

      Creditreform Overseas Debt Collection

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