Pre-trial debt collection

Fast, professional collection of unpaid invoices

Commercial summoning has a single, clear goal: quick collection of your outstanding receivables without legal recourse.

Pre-trial debt collection is definitely our forte. That the bulk of our jobs is settled without a lawyer is perhaps due to our experts’ belief: there’s no such thing as the “standard assignment”.

Rather, each is treated individually and according to its merits. Primarily, that means gleaning more information about your customer’s financial circumstances... information we happen to have at our fingertips in our business database which, with 4.9 million company entries, is the world’s largest on corporate Germany.

In this brand-tub, we’ll quickly find the necessary information on your debtor’s ability to meet his financial obligations, and avoid you throwing good money after bad. Our research also considers all entries in district courts’ debtor registers, published insolvencies and ongoing debt collection processes.

With this information advantage and our expertly trained staff, we’re guaranteed to pass the post before any company-internal summonsing. With that, you can fully refocus your efforts on your core business.


  • Debtor solvency check for assessing feasibility prospects
  • Individual approach
  • Alleviates your accounting department
  • Frees up resources for your core business.
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