Customized scorecard development

Better forecasting quality

Integrating score cards / scoring systems into business processes improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your individual workflows.


Scorecards primarily enable quick, reliable, automated information processing. And as their results are plausible and verifiable, they also place your decision-making processes on an objective footing.

Scorecards / scoring systems can essentially be implemented in a wide range if business / banking areas to assess a company’s business partners, or in the framework of its customer relationship management. Some examples:

Application scoring
Forecasting the creditworthiness of new credit applicants / customers and their ability to service future payment obligations.

Behavioral scoring
Forecasting the solvency risks based on payment history data consolidated over 6 to 12 months.

Debt collection scoring
Forecasting the likelihood with which payments can still be expected from overdrawn customers.

Additionally to using company-internal data, scorecard development also accesses Creditreform’s research data (e.g. Solvency Index, payment behavior) and relevant commercial information (e.g. industry risk, insolvency risk inherent in the legal form). This data pool is evaluated using mathematical / statistical methods. The result of the analysis is a score value that can be assigned a bad-debt probability and / or strategy.

The scorecards / scoring systems help establish risk-conscious controlling and optimal definition of an enterprise’s corporate strategy. In doing so, the underlying statutory requirements are naturally followed to the letter.

Your benefits

  • Better company results through process optimization and an optimal choice of strategy
  • Optimization of your receivables management through reduced outstanding receivables and avoidance of bad debts 
  • Forecasting of opportunities and risks to assist you in segmenting your customer and supplier base
  • Derivation of valid recommendations for action regarding behavioral and workflow control.

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