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Improve your negotiating position with investors.

The demands placed on corporate financial communication are growing by the day. Share your financial standing with third parties using Creditreform’s credible and transparent Rating Services.

Basis for your business financing and risk control

A documentation of balance sheet creditworthiness is a must for any company seeking corporate financing – regardless of whether they’re applying for concern-internal or third-party financing.

Particularly investors will want to know whether a company can fully service its future payment obligations on time (interest and capital repayment).

The Creditreform Balance Sheet Rating offers businesspeople an optimal instrument for preparing for negotiations with external investors.

A glance at a Balance Sheet Rating also gives your financial controlling and risk management valuable insight into your business partners’ economic fundamentals. A meaningful document, it can provide early warning of e.g. pending financial risks at customers or suppliers.

Both the overall appraisal and the results of the various individual evaluations can be incorporated into existing risk management systems, e.g. as integrated elements of a scorecard.

Creditreform’s Balance Sheet Rating contains company-specific information, as well as comparison KPIs from the respective business field and industry, as well as from the overall economy.

Product features:

  • Clear statement on a company’s solvency, as a rating class CR1 to CR19
  • 1-year probability of failure forecast for each calculated Balance Sheet Rating result
  • Cross-check with negative lists in Creditreform’s commercial database
  • Structured annual financial statements
  • Extensive KPI table
  • Asset schedule and details of other liability commitments
  • Cash flow statement (cash-flow perspective)
  • Individual analyses for better comprehensibility of the results (traffic-light graphics, network diagrams)
  • Comparison of company with the respective industry’s and overall economic KPIs.
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